FAQ on Phone Repair

Broken Phone FAQ So your phone’s broken, and you don’t know why. No doubt you’ve got questions, about how your phone came to this position, about what it means and what you can do now. Popular internet searches relating to damaged iphones include “What’s wrong with my phone?” “Why is my phone so slow?” and “Cost of phone replacement screen”. Well, this FAQ will hope to answer your questions, to give you greater peace .

Phone Damage Prevention

How to Protect Your Phone From Damage We all live in fear of our phones getting damaged, either expensively or irreparably. You don’t want to waste all that money by wrecking it, especially if it’s a limited time rental. And yet smartphones seem to be eminently breakable. We’re all too aware of smartphones with spiderwebbed screens, bent frames or water damage. So what can you do, proactively, to prevent damage to this modern-day lifeline? .
iPhone with cracked screen

Common Phone Damage

The 10 Most Common Ways to Damage Your Smartphone We’ve all done it, or know someone who has. You ruin your expensive and socially essential smartphone in a completely avoidable way. At UK Repairs we’ve handled hundreds of such cases, so we thought we’d compile a list for you of the ten most common ways people damage or break their phones, in the hopes that it will help you to avoid the easiest pitfalls. .

iPhone Repair London

Fast UK Repairs- iPhone Screen Repair London Whilst Samsung and Nokia Lumia are popular with most mobile users, many people still rely heavily on the use of iPhone’s. They’re strong, reliable and often stand the test of time, however accidents can happen. If you’ve recently dropped your iphone and cracked the screen, it’s wise to get it fixed as soon as possible. For iphone screen repair in London, look to Fast UK Repairs today. .